Balancing the Mind and Emotions for Better Health: Scottsdale, 9/2014
Good health enhances a sense of well-being. Emotions are key to health. The facets of the mind are capable of interpreting and integrating health and well being.

Toward Empowerment: Vermont Health Clinic, 3/2015
Compassion fatigue and burnout contribute to lack of joy and fulfillment at work and home. Learn about these phenomena and strategies to regain empowerment in your life.

Meditative Lifestyles for Healing: Phoenix, 9/2015
Join us for a presentation / workshop for all caregivers and healers whether professional health care providers or caregivers for someone at home. Learn tips to stay balanced as you serve and help others. Apply tools to solidify your mindset while caring for others.

Subtle Energies and Quantum Experiences: Chicago, 10/2015
The future of medicine requires that we change our thoughts of healing toward a more quantum approach. Chronic physical conditions are best understood through the lens of connecting emotional, spiritual, and mental components with the physical manifestations in a holistic and energetic perspective.

Resetting Yourself: A Meditative Professional Lifestyle: AOMA: Tucson, 11/2015
How do professionals continue to lead in health care? Rejuvenate yourself and embrace your passion through curiosity and gratitude. Learn how to reset yourself in these challenging times in healthcare.