September, 2017: Conscious Thought/ Conscious Breath

Welcome to September and conscious gratitude. Last month was truly a month for analyzing belief systems, thoughts, and the power of the word as it relates to self awareness. Hang on, here comes powerful September....
August brought me face forward with a long standing sense of not ever being good enough. I had the opportunity to address this directly by a dear friend who confronted my core insecurities through a discussion about disappointments with how she perceived I dealt with a particular topic. Since words are so powerful in our consciousness, I took long and thoughtful pause and came out with a word that represented my feelings about the situation and of course myself.

That word for me was disappointment. She was indirectly disappointed with me, and more than that, I was disappointed with myself for something not in my control. I then expanded that thought to disappointment with things I provide that are not adopted, mentors who I thought should see that I am incorporating their teachings but seemingly do not, not feeling like I do a good enough job, my childhood insecure thoughts, people who don't think the way I do, issues that I see clearly but others see differently, etc.

As I deeply struggled with this, I then had an amazing opportunity to listen to two gentle folks, Drs. Pettit, speaking on a concept of three principles of the human experience. (Thanks to Ellen for leading me to this discussion). See or ..... The basic idea is that we often innocently misuse our power of thought and feed low mood thoughts until they are our ONLY reality. This leads to mental dis-ease and separates us from love, joy, peace and conscious living which are also very real thoughts if we choose them.

The example at the presentation described a movie projector: the electrical cord/power is the universal mind, the motor is the brain-machine, the light source is consciousness and choice, and the individual slide of the film is the thought, endless and changeable and within our choice.
And as Yogi Bhajan ( and Bruce Lipton would offer, it is through our thoughts that we ARE, so changing the thought (a slide) with the word can be a great step to freedom from these misguided beliefs that don't serve us.

How to access this opportunity to elevate ourselves and others? Of course through the breath and changing the thought. Meditation, diaphragmatic breathing techniques, balancing the autonomic nervous system through acupuncture or cordices tapping... see , and mindful choice of words can change not only your world but those around us.

So when I am entrenched in a word that I beat myself up with, I look for antonyms to start the shift: Antonyms to disappointment are satisfaction, liberation, allowance, contentment. I have been infusing these words into my daily meditation.

Search for a word that represents an ick feeling in your gut or in your heart, look up its antonym and state, write, believe that and you will forever change toward empowerment, love, peace and joy.

Blessings, have a great month of practicing the new you in this year of new beginnings..... it provides what you DO want and changes everything.