November 2017: The month for imagination and gratitude

WoW! This month seems like it has taken off like a race horse. So far, this November has surely been a very active one.
This is the month of creativity or burn out in the year of new beginnings. As we get a glimpse of all our options and possibilities, this can also be a very tense and demanding month.

In the continued theme of new beginnings for 2017, the question still remains: What DO you want? What WILL make a difference? What WILL bring joy? What WILL nurture the soul?

The answers lie in first taking time every day to pause, step back, use discernment for EVERYTHING, take nothing and NO ONE'S opinion for granted. When we are able to see all sides for just a moment, and reflect on the mirror we all are to each other, then we can imagine new and fresh ideas for what we DO want. And since this is a powerfully active month, we have the chance to move forward with what we want with humor and gratitude.

Here is the dilemma. This month is also about creative balance. When this fast moving month provides numerous opportunities, it is also our project to intuitively see these great ideas AND to avoid that feeling of being spread too thin by choosing just a few of the options.

So which of the options do we choose? Find your answer by quieting the mind, and then choose based on what brings joy, light, community, laughter, service to others, peace, and fairness.

Now write, sing, play, plan, and draw these chosen and joyful options while reconnecting with others during the month of giving thanks with gratitude to all your tribal members.
Happy days of giving thanks!