May 2017 of Heart and Home

Remember that the Earth will heal from Human abuses, but humans may not.

May: This is the Month of renewal and looking anew at heartfelt healing and also the realm of home as a safe and sacred space.
Attached is a picture of a very old car, covered with the work of water, sand, time. Remember that Earth will heal from Human abuses, but humans may not...

What does it mean to be heart felt? This month offers an opportunity to get out of the mental and thinking mode and instead to feel or experience self, friends, family, neighbors, community and the world through all the senses.

Whether you are a mother (or father) of a child of your own or others' genetics, or a care giver to dogs, cats, horses, fish, or caring for others that you serve in the community: this is the month of nurturing the motherly instincts of the heart. So HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!

This is also the month of the home: Is that defined as the dwelling you live in? or expanded to any and all parts of the planet? No matter where you live, your surroundings are your home. Are you a good caretaker of your home? Do you have a garden perhaps, do you regularly remove clutter? do you feel protected in your space? And are you investing in the health of your home both near you and surrounding you on this precious earth?

May is the month to be enveloped in the earth's energy with compassion and feel the gifts from earth with gratitude. It is the time to use the heart-feelings to remember sacred space, deserts, rocks, forests, trees, water, wildlife in order to embrace the feeling of safety and of being protected.

This is a great time to quiet the mind and feel the world around you through smells, sights, sounds, the feel of air and sun on the skin, and all other vibrations of the earth. This energy detected without the human voice to distract from the vibrations of being on this planet.
So, play outside, remove clutter, explore the environment beyond your current doors and windows, provide yourself with a time and place for daily quiet observation and gratitude.

And remember that the earth is all healing: The earth will indeed take care of itself, so learn from that to take care of your self while you take care of the earth. Have a blessed Mother's day . Enjoy fully home and heart month.