March: The Month for the Meditative Mind

Welcome to March, with flowers, fun, and the chance to get out with nature. This is the month to practice being in a neutral state, a meditative state to see the whole picture...

Frankly, writing for this month has been very challenging. I have seriously struggled with finding those empowering and healing words until today. Instead of neutral, I have placed myself in a mental box, not being very neutral at all, and seriously stuck... grrrrr.

Today I met with my monthly group of wonderful and supportive women for our regrouping breakfast. While we are gathering to update each other on our lives in general, we are also slowly working through a book called "Finding Your Way in a Wild New World by Martha Beck. (A very fun book).

The most important part is that this day reminded me that through community and with the power of the feminine: I need to laugh more, have fun, see life as play, have an adventure, practice non-reactivity, be a good listener, stay meditative many times through the day, keep the story of empowerment alive, and in all ways seek joy. Through these things, we raise the vibration of not just ourselves but everyone around us. It is for sure the most win-win lifestyle we can do.

As a bonus, today is International Womens' Day: who knew? Happy Women's Day!!!!!
There is nothing more empowering than women coming together with the intention of raising the vibration of the world.

So, as I am renewed, I hope you are able to feel this heart-blessed vibration and pass it on. Our intention to heal and our intention to vibrate at our highest and most joyful selves IS how we change the world. AND it seems apparent that it is the feminine energy of the heart that will accomplish this goal.