Inspire or Isolate for the Month of June, 2017

Welcome to June and an opportunity to inspire and uplift yourself and everyone around you. In this month of 2017 filled with new beginnings, there is a tendency to get overwhelmed and retreat and hide. Certainly the wish to be a hermit and isolate from the world is understandable with all the world wide negativity bubbling up to be healed. What if this accelerated purging of old patterns of behavior is visible now to allow us to see what we do NOT want? What if this is the forklift needed to pave a way for a clear and peaceful future world?
How do we remain productive and engaged amidst such chaos?
This month asks us to be still and silent for the sake of inspiration but to NOT stay there. Instead embrace these isolated times as a recharge for inspiration for others through music, dance, singing, chanting, and play!
Once clarity is possible through stillness, then be the voice and inspiration for your tribe, your community, your family and extended family, your group of friends, your clubs, your churches, your retreats. Look for like-minded souls who will encourage and nourish your healing process as you nourish them, as well as the planet.
I had an opportunity to be with my tribe in Canada but chose to stay home for my local tribe. I had a chance to be with a prayerful group in New Mexico who chant and sing and meditate in a beautiful collective but again I chose to remain home. Then through those feelings of self imposed isolation, I was drawn out for the sake of old and dear friendships. The gathering of those folks from over 10 years prior, reminded me that community and inspiration can be manifested at many different levels and available if we are patient and open.
So be still for a bit among the chaos every day, then get out and visit any or all of your tribes that feed your soul and for whom you can uplift and inspire for the very best!. Be active, have fun, play, laugh, and inspire.