Energy Medicine

Science continues to improve the ability to see the tiniest particles and waves within vast spaces in the universe. The more advanced this science becomes, the more life is understood as energy, waves, and particles. This energy is accessed as well as fluidly changed through our emotions, thoughts, history and a bit of genetics.
Each of us is unique in our ability to tap into this knowing.
An enormous gift of humanity to access healing energy and to heal ourselves while we heal each other throughout the universe.
Our hands, our minds, our hearts, and our words have the most amazing ability to heal.
This is a matter of physics, quantum physics: As above, so below. As within, so without.

This healing experience begins by listening to your body's request for assistance: The body holds tensions from past trauma throughout the viscera, fascia, tendons, nerves. The ability to release these tensions allows for relaxation and calm.

Sat Nam Rasayan is an energetic healing modality allowing a neutral awareness of the five Ayurvedic principles of earth, water, fire, air, and ether and the ability to brings balance to your body.

Reiki is a Japanese born modality that is an amazing tool for balancing the subtle energy of the body.

Reconnecting to the energetic grid around us and using quantum physics principles, the body has an opportunity to balance, rest, calm and heal.

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