December: Connection and Community 2017

December is a month that carries so much weight that I struggled with how to write about it. It is a month of celebration, family, friends, joy, stress, weather changes, people changes, food changes, food traditions, expectations, disappointments, fun, laughter, and much more all rolled into one small speck of time. And everyone has their own opinion about the correct way to celebrate this month.
I had an unusual opportunity to visit Manhattan for a few days last week to see the lights and festivities for the holidays.
The most important part for me is the subtle bits among all the glitter.
The bright and festive Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center was spectacular.
The adventures in the ever-changing access (due to maintenance?) in the subway was boggling. while the patience of the locals was inspiring.
The three day old snow laying over Central Park felt romantic and peaceful.
The rhythm of so many dancers in synchrony at the Rockette's was just amazing.
And as I observed vast numbers of people obviously from around the world coming together for the fun of it, I began to realize the root of our country during that short visit, an example of the melting pot of humanity.
Did you know that at the memorial of 9-11, there are names etched in the memorial all around the two square fountains. More important to me was that so many of those names were not easily pronounced by me. So many there who suffered that day did not have stereotypical names like Jones, Smith, etc..... think about that, I have been
And visiting the Statue of Liberty, when was the last time anyone sited the words of a Jewish female poet, Emma Lazarus, as she gave her ideas regarding the importance of what the statue represented: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free...... "
In this season of community and connection, re-member to be kind, tolerant and giving. Re-member to serve others in order to serve your own soul. Re-member to embrace diversity, it has and will always serve us well.
Beginning January: I will be working through each month in relationship to the chakras, tattvas, the native traditions, the ten bodies, color, all of which connect to each other. I hope this will be fun to read. With 2018 being the year of miracles, we will find vast and sometimes strange gifts and stressful packages.
And the journey continues until our last breath, have a wonderful, peaceful end of 2017 and a blessed 2018.