August 2017: Closing the gaps in the New Beginnings of 2017

And so here is August: After a strong month of July with great plans, maybe some strong words, important decisions, forward thinking ideas and action activities... we are now placed in a position of pause. This is the month to be reflective of all those grand ideas, perhaps confusing thoughts, or feeling a bit incomplete, and maybe a little too much complaining. As rapidly the switch turned on for July, this month I felt a sudden sense of intense burden, feeling overwhelmed, and disoriented. Kind of like driving with one foot on the gas and the other foot on the brake.
There is some celestial reasons too: changes in the stars that ask us to sit back and observe. Anyone going to the sites of the eclipse? A remarkable event. What about the annual meteor shower that is supposed to be unusually bright this year?
This month is an opportunity to look at the same information developed in that energetic July, but now to observe it through a different lens to begin to break old patterns of thought.
Imagine not starting anything this month, but to listen and harmonize with what is developing all around. Where are our thoughts?
Now we can begin to jot down new and fresh thoughts, stretch our minds to create a better world. Find a word or phrase that you can cling to for the rest of the month and stay the course.
My word for the rest of this month is HARMONY. My plan for this month is to continue my commitment to meditate each day, and to stretch by crossing arms and legs to opposite sides of the body with the breath. Try it, there is true value in crossing midline while deeply breathing from the diaphragm to calm and balance the left and right sides of the brain. Tai Chi? Yoga?
Then take time to listen intuitively and observe to find authentic insight for rest of this year of new beginnings.

PS: Planning a gentle stretch, chant, and gong hour... weekly beginning in September...... stay tuned.