April 2018: Heartfelt Plans

Hmm, April is half over and we made it through a holiday, a full moon, some glitches with sun spots and the retrograde. So now we look at the number 4 (as in the fourth month) in this year of miracles and new beginnings in 2018.
Tattvas is a Sanskrit term meaning aspects or elements of reality. This month we explore the 4th tattva, which is air. Air, and the breath needed to get air, provide more benefits than just the obvious survival. I remember being taught that breathing was an automatic function of being human and just occurred, not needing thought or any participation in the deal, much as the beating of the heart. That turns out to be only partially true. The mechanism of breathing is so much more as it affects the autonomic nervous system. By changing our breath and breathing patterns consciously and with purpose, our entire bodies and minds change.

Yoga teaches this concept which was a reason for me to study this topic for my doctorate. The outcome of my research showed that the ability to choose HOW we breathe affects blood pressure, immune system, lipids, and many more functions. For more information on my research, see my published paper at: http://hdl.handle.net/10755/558648 and titled: Breathing Techniques Associated with Improved Health Outcomes.

The number 4 in the world of the swirling energy of chakras is the heart or ANAHATA. This is a place of building sacred space, of using our heart felt intuition, or as I have often been told, “get out of your head and let your heart guide”. When the heart chakra isn’t in balance, we seem more prone to heart ailments, cardiac dis-ease, or lung issues like cough or pneumonia type symptoms. This chakra is the color green and represents joy, compassion, love, peace. The challenge can be sadness, grief, or loss. Following the heart is the bridge to peace.
In the world of numbers, the four represents planting seeds in the garden of life, developing plans, developing sacred space but not necessarily executing a final plan yet.

Combining the different representations of this 4th month, this is a special time for learning new and empowering breathing techniques, and to begin our plan for a more peaceful existence. This is a great opportunity to practice taking time to breathe, meditate, plan, imagine, and begin to trust intuition more and more.

Simply take time to be still, and listen to the soft voice from your heart.
Have a great rest of your month of April, 2018.