April 2017 Trying out a New Skin

Welcome to the changeable and shifting month of April. This is the month to observe and take note of all the changes occuring in our homes and our surrounding environment. Observing does not require action YET. It does require awareness and preparation for action though.

When I am struggling with my concerns about the issues surrounding me, I find the most solace in nature.

Over the weekend, as I took a much needed hike, a small movement on the ground was just enough to gain my attention. As I stood still and observed, a desert horned toad came into view. I grew up with these southwest creatures and have always loved watching them. This beautiful specimen was in the process of shedding, which is a particularly vulnerable time for all reptiles as they outgrow their old skins.

It occurred to me that this is the perfect month for allowing this kind of vulnerability in ourselves as we shed our old thoughts and prepare to see ourselves getting out in the world with a new skin. A new look for this month requiring flexibility; within this year of new beginnings... Fantastic... And nature could not have given me a more perfect example.

This is a great month to make a commitment to quietly observe the breath with the inhale, and then exhale for a dedicated time period every day. So every day without fail, challenge yourself to set a timer, be still, sit tall, close your eyes, and feel each breath enter the nose, move through the full respiratory system, hold that breath, then slowly exhale that breath through the nose while continuing to be the curious observer.

Begin to set your intention for what you do want for the day prior to this slow breathing exercise and your day will automatically be more fulfilling and peaceful.