2018: Miracle of the 11 year among 12 coincidences

2018-Miracle of the 11 Year Among 12 Coincidences

Welcome to the new year of miracles 2018. This is a time for blending into your lives the intention of being and doing for the highest good of self and others as a mirror of self. Think about that one… That is a big mouthful indeed.

If this is the year to manifest a feeling of wellbeing as our given right, how do we get there? Prayerfully chant to drop bad feelings such as fear, guilt, control, and replace that negative gap of energy with thoughts that foster wellbeing. And that means wellbeing of self and BE. If we feel better and better, we project that, we mirror that, and in that place we are able to serve others….

I have chosen to work with monthly numbers for 2018, less as a sense of numerology, and more through the lens of coincidences of how numbers repeat and what they might represent from an energy perspective for 2018.

As an example it is very interesting that the number 12 shows up so often: 12 months, 12 chinese meridians, 12 planets, 12 days of Christmas, 12 archangels, 12 stations of the cross, 12 virtues of Aristotle, and in many countries… 12 chakras.

Chakras are an interdependent energetic system in the body, connecting to one another through the neurological, endocrine and autonomic nervous systems. They are believed to spin at different frequencies from each other and change depending on emotional input of the individual.

Chakras can facilitate awareness of emotions through physical manifestations. Future investigations may reveal that gap junctions, which are located between neurons in specific areas along the spine and arising during embryonic development, are the locations for chakras.

Describing simple words or phrases, derived from a basic understanding of this emotional association to chakras and physical ailments, can be a very important way to assist in complete healing.

January as the first month of this year of miracles:
The 1st chakra, called Muladhara, is located at the area of the coccyx, base of spine, anal, sex organs, lower pelvic area. It represents relationship to earth and the universal truth of “all are one “, and is associated with the color red.

Conversations could be related to survival, security, family or group safety, justice, physical survival, trust, order, habits and self acceptance.

One example of healing the 1st chakra and the whole self is related to Earthing or Grounding. Research shows that being in physical touch with the electromagnetic field of the earth rhythm will calm and alleviate pain. Bare feet on grass, rock, bare cement serve as conduit to our most basic health needs.
There are electromagnetic field mats available as an example of improving technology, but I personally prefer bare feet and rocks….. check it out… and BE – WELL.
Stay grounded this month, remember to take care of our precious earth, consider manifesting self acceptance and trust for a better functioning first chakra..