May 2018, the month for a RE-TREAT

May 2018 has arrived in our year of new beginnings with a strong urge to just STOP. The number five here may represent flexibility, balance, and endurance. With so much going on prior to May this year, it might be time to slow down and regroup. So this is the month to pause and perhaps take or plan a break.

This is the perfect month to decide on summer activities and definitely start before this month is over. Consider a plan now for getting the body moving this month to build momentum for over the hot summer. Swimming comes to mind, or hikes in the high country, or travel, maybe an ocean experiences??? I smell the pines after a fresh rain as I think of this, or maybe the crash of the waves as the sun sets on the pacific.

This 5th month is our chance to discuss the fifth and final tattva called ether. Ether is subtle, and a gateway to spirituality. It is considered to be a place of silence called shuniya, a still point of being, and a sense of awareness in between the thoughts. During this month of a potential retreat, consider a slow diaphragmatic breathing meditation to find that quiet place in your mind to reset.

The fifth chakra for the month of May is located around the throat area and is called Vishuddha.
It is related to the teacher, planting seeds of knowledge, speaking the truth in communication, and projection of the word or thought. During this month, consider how to re-set, re-phrase, re-member, re-mind, re-present our truth for the highest good.

Shadow side of the 5th chakra? This can be seen as: lethargy, weakness, shy, voice problems, insecurity, fear of opinions. Instead, look at this month with gratitude and grace. And find peace in stillness this month. It will certainly serve you well…

And for everyone who nurtures other beings whether family, friends, children, pets, animals, trees…… HAPPY AND BLESSED MOTHER’S DAY MONTH!!!


April 2018: Heartfelt Plans

Hmm, April is half over and we made it through a holiday, a full moon, some glitches with sun spots and the retrograde. So now we look at the number 4 (as in the fourth month) in this year of miracles and new beginnings in 2018.
Tattvas is a Sanskrit term meaning aspects or elements of reality. This month we explore the 4th tattva, which is air. Air, and the breath needed to get air, provide more benefits than just the obvious survival. I remember being taught that breathing was an automatic function of being human and just occurred, not needing thought or any participation in the deal, much as the beating of the heart. That turns out to be only partially true. The mechanism of breathing is so much more as it affects the autonomic nervous system. By changing our breath and breathing patterns consciously and with purpose, our entire bodies and minds change.

Yoga teaches this concept which was a reason for me to study this topic for my doctorate. The outcome of my research showed that the ability to choose HOW we breathe affects blood pressure, immune system, lipids, and many more functions. For more information on my research, see my published paper at: and titled: Breathing Techniques Associated with Improved Health Outcomes.

The number 4 in the world of the swirling energy of chakras is the heart or ANAHATA. This is a place of building sacred space, of using our heart felt intuition, or as I have often been told, “get out of your head and let your heart guide”. When the heart chakra isn’t in balance, we seem more prone to heart ailments, cardiac dis-ease, or lung issues like cough or pneumonia type symptoms. This chakra is the color green and represents joy, compassion, love, peace. The challenge can be sadness, grief, or loss. Following the heart is the bridge to peace.
In the world of numbers, the four represents planting seeds in the garden of life, developing plans, developing sacred space but not necessarily executing a final plan yet.

Combining the different representations of this 4th month, this is a special time for learning new and empowering breathing techniques, and to begin our plan for a more peaceful existence. This is a great opportunity to practice taking time to breathe, meditate, plan, imagine, and begin to trust intuition more and more.

Simply take time to be still, and listen to the soft voice from your heart.
Have a great rest of your month of April, 2018.

March: The Third Month of Miraculous New Beginnings in 2018

Spring represents all things fresh bright and colorful. Flowers bloom (if it isn’t still snowing), hope of new birth, fresh ideas, and creative endeavors are given birth this month.

In the world of numbers: the number 3 is often thought of as creative, bright, team playing, expressive, artistic. It sometimes could leave us scattered, incomplete, ungrounded, and sad too.

The third chakra is located at and around the solar plexus and is related to the will, personal power, self-esteem, commitments, and identity. It is represented by the color yellow and is called Manipura. Physically this area is related to the adrenals, kidneys, liver, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, stomach.

Regarding the third Tattva: It is represented by the fire element, will, self-esteem, and self confidence. It is associated with the color yellow, and is related to vision.

So what would nourish and encourage the best for this 3rd month of 2018?

First: GET OUTSIDE every day and see the brightness as much as you can! The sun is so healing, it is the essential fire part of our lives. There is so much research on the emotional and physical health benefits of vitamin D from the sun.

Second: Breathe from the belly and imagine speaking to others from this area for a more empowered voice for what you do want.

Third: Learn about breath of fire. It is a rapid breath through the nose, sort of like sniffing except done by contracting the stomach muscles to exhale through the nose. The exhale through the nose is audible, and then the inhale through the nose is passive. Takes a little practice but is very powerful and empowering for this month.

Have a great hike outside and a wonderful Easter!

February 2018: The Second Month of the Year of Miracles 2018

In the tradition of yoga there are 10 bodies representing energy levels. The related numerology for this month describes number 2 (2nd month) as the negative or discerning mind. This is a powerful and important aspect of the mind that supports and protects us from danger. It is also a very creative number and all about relationships in two’s. It is a number to represent the longing to belong. A perfect match for this month known for Valentine’s day.

Tattva is a Sanskrit word that means aspects of reality. The second tattva is water and I choose to add it to the meaning for February. The same element is seen in Chinese medicine. This represents fluidity of life, flexibility and a most vital aspect for life.

In astrology, Aquarius is pouring water during this time.

The 2nd Chakra is represented by water as well, and the color orange. This energy is located below the navel and in the pelvic region where the bladder and flow of water is represented. The 2nd chakra represents creativity on earth (pregnancy) and relationship issues. This also represents emotions as a vital part of the ebb and flow of life.

This month enjoy and enhance relationships, travel to or listen to water sounds. Create a flowing art project, a water feature, travel to a creek, hike and play around water. Remember and encourage the importance of clean water, which is so vital to our very lives.

Have a wonder-filled month of February and a grand St. Valentine’s day.

2018: Miracle of the 11 year among 12 coincidences

2018-Miracle of the 11 Year Among 12 Coincidences

Welcome to the new year of miracles 2018. This is a time for blending into your lives the intention of being and doing for the highest good of self and others as a mirror of self. Think about that one… That is a big mouthful indeed.

If this is the year to manifest a feeling of wellbeing as our given right, how do we get there? Prayerfully chant to drop bad feelings such as fear, guilt, control, and replace that negative gap of energy with thoughts that foster wellbeing. And that means wellbeing of self and BE. If we feel better and better, we project that, we mirror that, and in that place we are able to serve others….

I have chosen to work with monthly numbers for 2018, less as a sense of numerology, and more through the lens of coincidences of how numbers repeat and what they might represent from an energy perspective for 2018.

As an example it is very interesting that the number 12 shows up so often: 12 months, 12 chinese meridians, 12 planets, 12 days of Christmas, 12 archangels, 12 stations of the cross, 12 virtues of Aristotle, and in many countries… 12 chakras.

Chakras are an interdependent energetic system in the body, connecting to one another through the neurological, endocrine and autonomic nervous systems. They are believed to spin at different frequencies from each other and change depending on emotional input of the individual.

Chakras can facilitate awareness of emotions through physical manifestations. Future investigations may reveal that gap junctions, which are located between neurons in specific areas along the spine and arising during embryonic development, are the locations for chakras.

Describing simple words or phrases, derived from a basic understanding of this emotional association to chakras and physical ailments, can be a very important way to assist in complete healing.

January as the first month of this year of miracles:
The 1st chakra, called Muladhara, is located at the area of the coccyx, base of spine, anal, sex organs, lower pelvic area. It represents relationship to earth and the universal truth of “all are one “, and is associated with the color red.

Conversations could be related to survival, security, family or group safety, justice, physical survival, trust, order, habits and self acceptance.

One example of healing the 1st chakra and the whole self is related to Earthing or Grounding. Research shows that being in physical touch with the electromagnetic field of the earth rhythm will calm and alleviate pain. Bare feet on grass, rock, bare cement serve as conduit to our most basic health needs.
There are electromagnetic field mats available as an example of improving technology, but I personally prefer bare feet and rocks….. check it out… and BE – WELL.
Stay grounded this month, remember to take care of our precious earth, consider manifesting self acceptance and trust for a better functioning first chakra..

December: Connection and Community 2017

December is a month that carries so much weight that I struggled with how to write about it. It is a month of celebration, family, friends, joy, stress, weather changes, people changes, food changes, food traditions, expectations, disappointments, fun, laughter, and much more all rolled into one small speck of time. And everyone has their own opinion about the correct way to celebrate this month.
I had an unusual opportunity to visit Manhattan for a few days last week to see the lights and festivities for the holidays.
The most important part for me is the subtle bits among all the glitter.
The bright and festive Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center was spectacular.
The adventures in the ever-changing access (due to maintenance?) in the subway was boggling. while the patience of the locals was inspiring.
The three day old snow laying over Central Park felt romantic and peaceful.
The rhythm of so many dancers in synchrony at the Rockette's was just amazing.
And as I observed vast numbers of people obviously from around the world coming together for the fun of it, I began to realize the root of our country during that short visit, an example of the melting pot of humanity.
Did you know that at the memorial of 9-11, there are names etched in the memorial all around the two square fountains. More important to me was that so many of those names were not easily pronounced by me. So many there who suffered that day did not have stereotypical names like Jones, Smith, etc..... think about that, I have been
And visiting the Statue of Liberty, when was the last time anyone sited the words of a Jewish female poet, Emma Lazarus, as she gave her ideas regarding the importance of what the statue represented: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free...... "
In this season of community and connection, re-member to be kind, tolerant and giving. Re-member to serve others in order to serve your own soul. Re-member to embrace diversity, it has and will always serve us well.
Beginning January: I will be working through each month in relationship to the chakras, tattvas, the native traditions, the ten bodies, color, all of which connect to each other. I hope this will be fun to read. With 2018 being the year of miracles, we will find vast and sometimes strange gifts and stressful packages.
And the journey continues until our last breath, have a wonderful, peaceful end of 2017 and a blessed 2018.

November 2017: The month for imagination and gratitude

WoW! This month seems like it has taken off like a race horse. So far, this November has surely been a very active one.
This is the month of creativity or burn out in the year of new beginnings. As we get a glimpse of all our options and possibilities, this can also be a very tense and demanding month.

In the continued theme of new beginnings for 2017, the question still remains: What DO you want? What WILL make a difference? What WILL bring joy? What WILL nurture the soul?

The answers lie in first taking time every day to pause, step back, use discernment for EVERYTHING, take nothing and NO ONE'S opinion for granted. When we are able to see all sides for just a moment, and reflect on the mirror we all are to each other, then we can imagine new and fresh ideas for what we DO want. And since this is a powerfully active month, we have the chance to move forward with what we want with humor and gratitude.

Here is the dilemma. This month is also about creative balance. When this fast moving month provides numerous opportunities, it is also our project to intuitively see these great ideas AND to avoid that feeling of being spread too thin by choosing just a few of the options.

So which of the options do we choose? Find your answer by quieting the mind, and then choose based on what brings joy, light, community, laughter, service to others, peace, and fairness.

Now write, sing, play, plan, and draw these chosen and joyful options while reconnecting with others during the month of giving thanks with gratitude to all your tribal members.
Happy days of giving thanks!

October 2017: The month to re-member flow

So this is the miracle month of October in a year of so many new beginnings. The colors of fall become evident while the whispers of cool weather are still followed by heat and then cool again. My poor tortoise has shown signs of stress as she scrambles for shelter in preparation of the cool temperatures, only to pace around wondering why it is still warm.
While nature is in transition, this is the month to ground ourselves and BE. We have the ability to see how empowered we can be as we tap into our higher and infinite self.. It seems to be only doubt and fear that can hold us back in this month of infinite miracles. It seems to be simply a matter of perspective and introspection manifested through stillness and meditation.
Last week I had an opportunity to talk to a very sweet veterinarian. She was discussing her worries with the world and her lack of sleep due to these worries. In speaking with her, she told a story of a white dove that recently flew up to her in her yard, landed, folded its wings and died right in front of her. As a veterinarian of exotic species, she felt it was her job to attempt to resuscitate the bird. She was not able to revive the bird and stated that she felt like a failure. She felt that it was a sign of some sort, and was concerned about her ability as a veterinarian. We discussed that perhaps it was a different message, we closed our eyes and thought about it a minute. The word "FLOW" surfaced very quickly in my mind. I am not used to using that word, so I kept searching but that word kept coming up. When I told her that word, and that it seemed that she should flow with the cycle of life perhaps, she suddenly told me that she got it, and was very much relieved.
Words and thoughts have a vibration to heal or to challenge us. Choose words carefully, kindly and with plenty of pause if needed.
Be still this month and allow the flow of thoughts of gratitude fill your mind as we embrace this divinely inspired month of October.

September, 2017: Conscious Thought/ Conscious Breath

Welcome to September and conscious gratitude. Last month was truly a month for analyzing belief systems, thoughts, and the power of the word as it relates to self awareness. Hang on, here comes powerful September....
August brought me face forward with a long standing sense of not ever being good enough. I had the opportunity to address this directly by a dear friend who confronted my core insecurities through a discussion about disappointments with how she perceived I dealt with a particular topic. Since words are so powerful in our consciousness, I took long and thoughtful pause and came out with a word that represented my feelings about the situation and of course myself.

That word for me was disappointment. She was indirectly disappointed with me, and more than that, I was disappointed with myself for something not in my control. I then expanded that thought to disappointment with things I provide that are not adopted, mentors who I thought should see that I am incorporating their teachings but seemingly do not, not feeling like I do a good enough job, my childhood insecure thoughts, people who don't think the way I do, issues that I see clearly but others see differently, etc.

As I deeply struggled with this, I then had an amazing opportunity to listen to two gentle folks, Drs. Pettit, speaking on a concept of three principles of the human experience. (Thanks to Ellen for leading me to this discussion). See or ..... The basic idea is that we often innocently misuse our power of thought and feed low mood thoughts until they are our ONLY reality. This leads to mental dis-ease and separates us from love, joy, peace and conscious living which are also very real thoughts if we choose them.

The example at the presentation described a movie projector: the electrical cord/power is the universal mind, the motor is the brain-machine, the light source is consciousness and choice, and the individual slide of the film is the thought, endless and changeable and within our choice.
And as Yogi Bhajan ( and Bruce Lipton would offer, it is through our thoughts that we ARE, so changing the thought (a slide) with the word can be a great step to freedom from these misguided beliefs that don't serve us.

How to access this opportunity to elevate ourselves and others? Of course through the breath and changing the thought. Meditation, diaphragmatic breathing techniques, balancing the autonomic nervous system through acupuncture or cordices tapping... see , and mindful choice of words can change not only your world but those around us.

So when I am entrenched in a word that I beat myself up with, I look for antonyms to start the shift: Antonyms to disappointment are satisfaction, liberation, allowance, contentment. I have been infusing these words into my daily meditation.

Search for a word that represents an ick feeling in your gut or in your heart, look up its antonym and state, write, believe that and you will forever change toward empowerment, love, peace and joy.

Blessings, have a great month of practicing the new you in this year of new beginnings..... it provides what you DO want and changes everything.

August 2017: Closing the gaps in the New Beginnings of 2017

And so here is August: After a strong month of July with great plans, maybe some strong words, important decisions, forward thinking ideas and action activities... we are now placed in a position of pause. This is the month to be reflective of all those grand ideas, perhaps confusing thoughts, or feeling a bit incomplete, and maybe a little too much complaining. As rapidly the switch turned on for July, this month I felt a sudden sense of intense burden, feeling overwhelmed, and disoriented. Kind of like driving with one foot on the gas and the other foot on the brake.
There is some celestial reasons too: changes in the stars that ask us to sit back and observe. Anyone going to the sites of the eclipse? A remarkable event. What about the annual meteor shower that is supposed to be unusually bright this year?
This month is an opportunity to look at the same information developed in that energetic July, but now to observe it through a different lens to begin to break old patterns of thought.
Imagine not starting anything this month, but to listen and harmonize with what is developing all around. Where are our thoughts?
Now we can begin to jot down new and fresh thoughts, stretch our minds to create a better world. Find a word or phrase that you can cling to for the rest of the month and stay the course.
My word for the rest of this month is HARMONY. My plan for this month is to continue my commitment to meditate each day, and to stretch by crossing arms and legs to opposite sides of the body with the breath. Try it, there is true value in crossing midline while deeply breathing from the diaphragm to calm and balance the left and right sides of the brain. Tai Chi? Yoga?
Then take time to listen intuitively and observe to find authentic insight for rest of this year of new beginnings.

PS: Planning a gentle stretch, chant, and gong hour... weekly beginning in September...... stay tuned.

Fiery July of 2017

Welcome to the hot and fiery month of July. The days may now be getting shorter, but that doesn't mean smoother sometimes. In this year of new beginnings, this is the month of fiery new ideas, being in charge, manifesting prosperity in an action sort of way. This is also a time of speaking before thinking, charging on without contemplation about the consequences, pushing ahead without pause.
I don't know if I am the only one feeling that, but it seemed like a switch turned on with the start of July, producing a feeling of agitation and frustration for no apparent NEW reason. I was not in a good mood and I seemed to find that same behavior everywhere I looked. As that began to make sense, and I was able to notice my attitude, I first just made sure I went to sleep early. I slowed my thoughts with the breath. I began to read little snippets of encouraging words from books I have on the shelves or from websites I keep around for such times. Mostly, I tried to suspend responding and reacting until the temptation to attack subsided. And always keep a reminder of gratitude tucked away and at easy reach for quick reference. Manifesting the thought of what we do want in life has a calming effect.... Its already getting a little easier....
If this sounds about right, here are some examples of summer selection of books that might be helpful for you during this fiery month of July:
In the Sanctuary of the Soul by Paramahansa Yogananda.
Co-Creating at its Best: Dyer and Hicks
The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: Edwene Gaines
Change your MInd and Your Life will Follow: Karen Casey
The Mind: Its Projections and Multiple Facets: Yogi Bhagan
Finding your Way in a Wild New World: Martha Beck
The Fear Cure: Lissa Rankin
Letting Go. The Pathway of Surrender: Hawkins
The Four Agreements: Ruiz
Also the best breathing technique right now meets fire with fire:
Try practicing a technique in yoga for calming the nervous system called Breath of Fire:
Blessings and get out there and have a great month.
The picture attached is a photo of Weaver's Needle: no photo shop, just a good timing glimpse of a beautiful scene taken this week.

Inspire or Isolate for the Month of June, 2017

Welcome to June and an opportunity to inspire and uplift yourself and everyone around you. In this month of 2017 filled with new beginnings, there is a tendency to get overwhelmed and retreat and hide. Certainly the wish to be a hermit and isolate from the world is understandable with all the world wide negativity bubbling up to be healed. What if this accelerated purging of old patterns of behavior is visible now to allow us to see what we do NOT want? What if this is the forklift needed to pave a way for a clear and peaceful future world?
How do we remain productive and engaged amidst such chaos?
This month asks us to be still and silent for the sake of inspiration but to NOT stay there. Instead embrace these isolated times as a recharge for inspiration for others through music, dance, singing, chanting, and play!
Once clarity is possible through stillness, then be the voice and inspiration for your tribe, your community, your family and extended family, your group of friends, your clubs, your churches, your retreats. Look for like-minded souls who will encourage and nourish your healing process as you nourish them, as well as the planet.
I had an opportunity to be with my tribe in Canada but chose to stay home for my local tribe. I had a chance to be with a prayerful group in New Mexico who chant and sing and meditate in a beautiful collective but again I chose to remain home. Then through those feelings of self imposed isolation, I was drawn out for the sake of old and dear friendships. The gathering of those folks from over 10 years prior, reminded me that community and inspiration can be manifested at many different levels and available if we are patient and open.
So be still for a bit among the chaos every day, then get out and visit any or all of your tribes that feed your soul and for whom you can uplift and inspire for the very best!. Be active, have fun, play, laugh, and inspire.

May 2017 of Heart and Home

Remember that the Earth will heal from Human abuses, but humans may not.

May: This is the Month of renewal and looking anew at heartfelt healing and also the realm of home as a safe and sacred space.
Attached is a picture of a very old car, covered with the work of water, sand, time. Remember that Earth will heal from Human abuses, but humans may not...

What does it mean to be heart felt? This month offers an opportunity to get out of the mental and thinking mode and instead to feel or experience self, friends, family, neighbors, community and the world through all the senses.

Whether you are a mother (or father) of a child of your own or others' genetics, or a care giver to dogs, cats, horses, fish, or caring for others that you serve in the community: this is the month of nurturing the motherly instincts of the heart. So HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!

This is also the month of the home: Is that defined as the dwelling you live in? or expanded to any and all parts of the planet? No matter where you live, your surroundings are your home. Are you a good caretaker of your home? Do you have a garden perhaps, do you regularly remove clutter? do you feel protected in your space? And are you investing in the health of your home both near you and surrounding you on this precious earth?

May is the month to be enveloped in the earth's energy with compassion and feel the gifts from earth with gratitude. It is the time to use the heart-feelings to remember sacred space, deserts, rocks, forests, trees, water, wildlife in order to embrace the feeling of safety and of being protected.

This is a great time to quiet the mind and feel the world around you through smells, sights, sounds, the feel of air and sun on the skin, and all other vibrations of the earth. This energy detected without the human voice to distract from the vibrations of being on this planet.
So, play outside, remove clutter, explore the environment beyond your current doors and windows, provide yourself with a time and place for daily quiet observation and gratitude.

And remember that the earth is all healing: The earth will indeed take care of itself, so learn from that to take care of your self while you take care of the earth. Have a blessed Mother's day . Enjoy fully home and heart month.

April 2017 Trying out a New Skin

Welcome to the changeable and shifting month of April. This is the month to observe and take note of all the changes occuring in our homes and our surrounding environment. Observing does not require action YET. It does require awareness and preparation for action though.

When I am struggling with my concerns about the issues surrounding me, I find the most solace in nature.

Over the weekend, as I took a much needed hike, a small movement on the ground was just enough to gain my attention. As I stood still and observed, a desert horned toad came into view. I grew up with these southwest creatures and have always loved watching them. This beautiful specimen was in the process of shedding, which is a particularly vulnerable time for all reptiles as they outgrow their old skins.

It occurred to me that this is the perfect month for allowing this kind of vulnerability in ourselves as we shed our old thoughts and prepare to see ourselves getting out in the world with a new skin. A new look for this month requiring flexibility; within this year of new beginnings... Fantastic... And nature could not have given me a more perfect example.

This is a great month to make a commitment to quietly observe the breath with the inhale, and then exhale for a dedicated time period every day. So every day without fail, challenge yourself to set a timer, be still, sit tall, close your eyes, and feel each breath enter the nose, move through the full respiratory system, hold that breath, then slowly exhale that breath through the nose while continuing to be the curious observer.

Begin to set your intention for what you do want for the day prior to this slow breathing exercise and your day will automatically be more fulfilling and peaceful.


March: The Month for the Meditative Mind

Welcome to March, with flowers, fun, and the chance to get out with nature. This is the month to practice being in a neutral state, a meditative state to see the whole picture...

Frankly, writing for this month has been very challenging. I have seriously struggled with finding those empowering and healing words until today. Instead of neutral, I have placed myself in a mental box, not being very neutral at all, and seriously stuck... grrrrr.

Today I met with my monthly group of wonderful and supportive women for our regrouping breakfast. While we are gathering to update each other on our lives in general, we are also slowly working through a book called "Finding Your Way in a Wild New World by Martha Beck. (A very fun book).

The most important part is that this day reminded me that through community and with the power of the feminine: I need to laugh more, have fun, see life as play, have an adventure, practice non-reactivity, be a good listener, stay meditative many times through the day, keep the story of empowerment alive, and in all ways seek joy. Through these things, we raise the vibration of not just ourselves but everyone around us. It is for sure the most win-win lifestyle we can do.

As a bonus, today is International Womens' Day: who knew? Happy Women's Day!!!!!
There is nothing more empowering than women coming together with the intention of raising the vibration of the world.

So, as I am renewed, I hope you are able to feel this heart-blessed vibration and pass it on. Our intention to heal and our intention to vibrate at our highest and most joyful selves IS how we change the world. AND it seems apparent that it is the feminine energy of the heart that will accomplish this goal.


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