Healing: Physics Perspective for September 2019

Many modalities of healing discuss similar root themes. Such true healing appears to require an understanding of statements such as “Be the Light”, “ Go to That Stillness” “Listen with Intuition”, “Develop Shuniya”, “Presence First”, “Get out of your Way”, “Be the Vessel”, “Healing is Found in the Silence” and many more.

August 2019: The Month for Inner Guidance

August has just flown by for me as I write my blog on the last day of the month, what???? I found it interesting that the confusing thoughts and contemplation required for getting through July, seeped into August as well.

The Month of August, in the year of creativity vs burnout, play vs overcommitting, offers the power needed for great miracles and manifestation to occur. This is a time of wonderful opportunities to manifest on a level that has not been available for eons.

July 2019: The Second Half of the Year of Service and Community

Check out this sideways rainbow taken from my back yard today. So unusual and typical of this year so far… I feel this year has been quite a roller coaster so far. Got an idea and it evaporates, think you are going in a certain direction and oops…. going a different way now. Seems the way it is going this year but now starting in July, the second half of the year, some of that will hopefully settle down a bit.

June 2019: Welcome Summer

Here we are in June, official summer, offering a bit of a scattered feeling and perhaps more energized month to get out on an adventure. This is the month that celebrates the longest day of the year, solstice. It is also the month of Father’s day with the values we place on fatherhood. In Chinese medicine we are reminded of the masculine YANG, in yogic terms we discuss SHAKTI, described as energy and power in service, and in energy medicine we talk about the balance of the projection of masculine in the feminine.

MAY 2019: oops.. YIN/YANG Definitions are flip-flopped; Thanks Krissi

Happy May and the Month of MOM

This month seems to be a good time to discuss energy balance of the masculine and feminine in all of us. We all have within our core spirit a blend of masculine and feminine energy. The ancient Chinese, as early as 700 bc understood this balance in presenting the concept of yin/yang in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Balance is essential for life. Having a very one-sided energy brings disharmony and dis-ease to the body. And it is impossible to have only one without the other. The balance of the energies is described as Qi (chi).

April 2019: The Month to Celebrate Earth Day

In discussion about healing fully, there is a very well researched modality that is so basic that we not only take the concept for granted, we have through technology, inadvertently disconnected ourselves from one the most fundamental resources available to us for improved health and wellbeing.

March, A Most Flower-filled 2019

March 2019 shows us as many showers of color as last month showed white everywhere. This month we see rebirth, regrowth in so much green, color, and freshness in our southwest.

This month I choose to discuss a block to healing: fear. As I was clearing out vast amounts of weeds in my yard, I fell. I fell hard, and have had time to pause and think about that. As I lay there, analyzing each body part for possible problems, bones, blood, consciousness, movement, I realized that I had nothing permanent, nothing broken, all systems go…. But slowly.

February 2019 Snowy and Rushed

February 2019: the month that seemed to rush by way too fast… With all good intentions to continue to develop thoughts on healing, it seems I spent too much energy this month trying to push for a particular and detailed historic theme. And it just wasn’t working for me. I forgot the root of healing just as many healing modalities of the past forgot… So, I now surrender to reflection on the peace found in the weather and the wind.

January 2019: A Creative Quest

Here we are in January of 2019, the year in numerological terms for enjoying friends and family, learning about new ideas without taking anything too seriously, and for lighting that creative torch without expecting anything to be permanent. Ready for paths and routes to change midway through a goal? Time to play with ideas but not accept all opportunities for now. Seems like that is how this January has gone so far for me…. And So, how is 2019 so far for you?

December: Miraculous conclusion of 2018

This December of 2018 is a month for pausing and observing our year, deciding what we have grown from over these months. It is also a time for us to observe our thoughts about what we have yet to understand as we move forward into a different energy for 2019.

November 2018 and the Amazing Number 11.

Here we are in November 2018, and in some areas the weather is gearing up for winter while the southwest takes a big sigh and is bathed by cool air and warm sun at the same time. The colors have come and gone to most of the high country, and yet the roses, bougainvillea, lantana, sage, desert marigold, crepe myrtle, Pistache tree leaves and berries, and cape honeysuckle are all beckoning monarch butterflies and hummingbirds everywhere to enjoy color.

October 2018: A Month for Creative Empowerment

October 2018:

September: Starting Fresh in the Miracle Year of 2018.

Here we are in the 9th month of 2018 and blessed to be able to begin feeling the potential for inspiration, finally. Most of 2018, although considered the year of miraculous opportunities, sometimes actually played out as cleaning out bits of the left over dirt from 2017.

August 2018: The Month of Connection and Action

Bring on this Grand eighth month of 2018-August, with all kinds of interesting gifts and challenges. This is the highest travel month world wide and most valuable from a tourist perspective.
The month of August was originally named Sextillis with March being the first month of the year. Lots of politics occurred, but eventually what we know of as the Gregorian calendar was developed with 12 months. The honor of the 8th month was named after Augustus Caesar.


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